Elevator Entrapment / Malfunction

Regular maintenance of all elevators in university buildings is conducted to minimize the chance of failure. However, if you are in an elevator and it should fail for any reason, the elevator car will not fall, you will not run out of oxygen, and emergency lights in each car will activate for your safety. Elevators have mechanical safety brakes that should operate in all situations, even during power failures. In the event of a power outage, the elevator should return to a pre-designated floor and the doors will open automatically.

In the event the elevator stops operating while you are inside:

  • Do not try to force the doors open or attempt to get out of the elevator on your own
  • Use the emergency call button in the elevator to report situation. Give the dispatcher the following information:
    • Name of the building
    • Building location
    • Location within the building of malfunctioning elevator
    • Where the car is stopped, if known
    • Whether a medical emergency exists for anyone inside the elevator

Note: Wait until the dispatcher advises you to disconnect

  • Assist other passengers in remaining calm
  • After the incident notify the building manager or facilities contact