Emergencies at Stanford

In an emergency, your first thought will be for the safety of your loved one here at Stanford.  We want you to know that Stanford has prepared emergency response and incident management procedures that are activated immediately in any emergency situation. These include emergency alerts to students over the AlertSU mass notification system and assistance to provide emergency food and shelter.  

With AlertSU, the university has the capacity to broadcast emergency instructions directly to students via text, email and voicemail.  The AlertSU system also includes outdoor sirens and emergency call towers located across campus.

Parents do not receive AlertSU emergency notifications.  Instead, your primary information source in an emergency at Stanford is the Stanford emergency website.  Initial information received by students through AlertSU is posted at this site and evolving incident information is updated periodically.

We recommend that parents and students talk about how you plan to communicate in an emergency, especially when networks are disrupted or overloaded.  Families should pre-arrange how students will let parents know they are okay.  Text messaging and social media can effective options.  Keep in mind that universities are limited by federal law as to what information about students they can share with parents and guardians, even in an emergency.

If you are ever concerned about a student, contact the Parent Help Line at (650) 725-0649.

Stanford Community Health Alerts

Go to Stanford Health Alerts for important updates about infectious diseases, travel warnings and other public health issues.