Here is what you need to know in an emergency:

  1. Follow evacuation instructions and then go to your Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) to check in.
    • Wait at the EAP for instructions.
    • Check your phone for updates from AlertSU.
    • Call an out-of-area contact to check in OK or use other pre-agreed upon communications strategies to let loved ones know you are OK.
    • Return to your residence when safe to do so. All students are officially checked in at their place of residence.
  2. Your official source of information from the University is AlertSU messages and information posted on the Stanford Emergency Website.
  3. You must provide emergency contact information and a phone number to receive AlertSU messages when you register for classes. You can update this information through Axess.
  4. R&DE will provide emergency food and shelter to students, if necessary.
  5. Vaden Health Center will provide counseling services in emergencies.
  6. Go to Vaden Health Center if you need medical assistance.
  7. The University will provide information regarding any adjustments to the academic calendar including the need to reschedule classes, events or other campus activities.

Sign Up for AlertSU

To receive AlertSU notifications, Stanford students must maintain up-to-date emergency contact information in Axess

Students and Postdocs: Update information through Axess
University policy requires that students provide the following information:

  • Stanford email address
  • Local phone number
  • At least one additional point of contact

Contact information is removed from the AlertSU system when a student graduates or is on a leave of absence.

Emergency Supplies

While R&DE will support residents with food, water and shelter during a disaster, those resources may take some time to deploy.  Residents are strongly advised to have a collection of immediately accessible emergency supplies. Suggested supplies contained in your Go Bag include:

  • Extra bottles of water
  • Food bars and other snacks
  • Power cord for mobile phones and power bank
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Important documents and contact numbers
  • Change of clothing and sturdy shoes
  • Any prescriptions, eyeglasses or contacts
  • Hygiene supplies

In the event that students are displaced from their primary residences for a prolonged period of time, Stanford will establish Student Rally points for the distribution of water, food and information on next steps. Rally points will either be established in Athletics facilities such as the Arrillaga gymnasiums, the ACSR or AOERC, or on open fields depending on the circumstances.

Stanford Community Health Alerts

Go to Stanford Health Alerts for important updates about infectious diseases, travel warnings and other public health issues.